Swedish Massage

30 mins: £20

60 mins: £30

Choice of shoulder, neck and back; or full body. A relaxing and detoxifying massage.

Please note: if you remove your jewellery/ make up before your appointment. That is less risk of damage to your valuables, also more valuable relaxation and healing time. Thankyou.

Body and Mind by Claire Salon

Chair Massage

15 mins: £10

30 mins: £20

No oil required. Perfect for pamper parties and office employees incentive days for health and well being.

Over 60’s, multiple sclerosis sufferers & cancer sufferers as well as many other chronic ailments will greatly benefit from a regular massage, and with a genuine desire to help my clients, I will be offering my services direct to your home as often as possible.

30 mins: £15

60 mins: £20

Any treatment of choice – providing it is suitable and cleared with your doctors beforehand.

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage (pre & post event)

45 mins: £30

60 mins: £40

75 mins: £50

To aid in the prevention of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness)

ART (active release techniques) used specifically for hamstrings, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Preventive massage 3 – 5 days before event.


30 mins: £20 (cleanse, tone, massage, exfoliate & moisturise)

60 mins: £40 (includes face mask, steam and extended massage)

Products available: Elemis, Sukin’, forevor aloe & planet spa as well as many different types of face mask to suit your individual skin type and preference. Research has been carried out to ensure the products I use are natural and safe to skin as well as cruelty free. Consultations and possible patch tests will be required.


30 mins: £25

60 mins: £35

Full consultations and patch test will be required to suit your individual needs.

Thai foot massage

20 mins: £15

I use a traditional method which includes soaking the feet in warm water and squeezed lime. Then a deep massage focusing on pressure points.

ody and Mind by Claire Buddha

Lomi Lomi experience

A traditional Hawaiian treatment, with a focus on breathing and meditation. A thorough, deep and energetic massage from head to toe (with appropriate draping with towels, of course). Feel refreshed, and relieved from negative energy.

This massage is not suitable for people with the following: Tumours, skin diseases, chronic back ailments, fractures and dislocations, serious infections, inflammation and cardiac or circulatory issues as this is a lengthy, deep and energetic massage with slight movement of limbs.

75 mins: £45

90 mins: £50

Anti-Cellulite (gynoid lipodystrophy) Treatments

For best results, 10 sessions are recommended ( fortnightly or monthly). Block booking discount available.

40 mins: £40

A combination of skin brushing, deep tissue and pressure massage can assist in reducing cellulite. Results can be seen instantly and lasts for a few days.

Indian Head Massage

30 mins: £25

Very relaxing, can aid with tension headaches and migraines, insomnia, congestion, neck and shoulder stiffness and more.

Hot Stone Therapy

60 mins: £40

75 mins: £45

Basalt stones are thought to help unblock memories and open up chakras. The stones are used to heat up and relax the muscle while I will use a larger basalt stone to aid me with providing a deep and soothing massage.

Exfoliation treatment

2 hour treatment: £50

A variety of homemade and shop bought scrubs for you to choose. This treatment is refreshing and relaxing, you will be glowing when you leave. Shower facility to wash the scrub off followed by a Swedish massage. Absolute bliss, your skin will thank you.